World Future Day – 24-Hour Round-the-World Conversion on the Future

jeudi 27 février 2020

World Future Day is March 1.

Friday February 28th at 10 AM New York time, you can click on to test your connection to Zoom connectoin we will use for World Future Day March 1st. And you can ask questions about facilitating in your time zone and/or other questions about World Future Day.

The SEVENTH annual World Future Day Round-the-World 24-Hour conversation will be held Sunday March 1st at each time zone around the world at 12 noon. It will begin at 12 Noon March 1st in New Zealand (6 pm the day before February 29th New York time). The ZOOM weblink will be

The Millennium Project will host this event in cooperation with the Association of Professional Futurists, Humanity+, World Academy of Art and Science, and World Futures Studies Federation.

Participants can join and leave the conversation at any time during the 24 hours, but are encouraged to come on at 12 noon their time.

Last year, the Sixth annual event began in New Zealand and ended 24 hours later in California. It was quite a global day of sharing insights among total strangers working to help build a better future. Many participates put references for their comments in the chat section of the video conference making quite a bibliography on the future !

This year Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer will come on from Brussels at 12 noon Brussels time.

If you are willing to be a facilitator for 12 noon in your time zone, send a message to : OR if you would like to help facilitate, but can’t do it at 12 noon your time, then let me know your preferred time zone. 12 noon in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has been hard to fill in the past.

Some unsolicited comments from last year’s participants :

Very inspired by the brilliant and passionate people working in foresight. Phenomenal hearts and minds working globally for our common humanity. Oriana Beaudet, VP, Healthcare Transformation, Array Advisors, Minneapolis-St Paul, USA

Amazing people, brilliant insights. Provocative, inspiring. Happiest world future day ! Thanks much ! Shermon Cruz, Executive Director, Center for Engaged Foresight, Manila, Philippines

Loved it ! – Mark Sackler Host “Seeking Delphi” CT, USA

Great experience. Thank you !! — Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, Director General, Institute of National Security Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka

· Great experience ! What beautiful people ! Mila Popovich, World Academy of Art and Science, Denver, USA