Work/Technology 2050:Scenarios and Actions

By : Jerome C. Glenn and The Millennium Project Team

dimanche 5 janvier 2020

A pragmatic exploration of possible futures—choices and consequences really exercised my imagination.
---- Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer

Work/Technology 2050 : Scenarios and Actions could be the broadest, deepest, long-range international assessment about what to do about the future impacts of future technology produced so far.

The potential impacts of artificial intelligence and robotics on the future of work have become a major topic of conversation and research. However, most do not make distinction among artificial narrow intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial super intelligence. In the Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios these distinctions are made clear plus other next technologies such as synthetic biology.

The Millennium Project reviewed over thirty “future of work” studies to find what questions were not asked and those that were answered inadequately. These formed the basis for a survey to address those questions. The results served to create three draft detailed scenarios to 2050, which were reviewed and improved by several hundred futurists and relevant experts selected by The Millennium Project’s Nodes around the world.

The three scenarios are :
• It’s Complicated—A Mixed Bag
• Political/Economic Turmoil—Future Despair
• If Humans Were Free—The Self-Actualization Economy

The scenarios are a very rich, detailed source of future possibilities that were used by the workshops to identify actions to address the issues in the three scenarios. The hundreds of suggested actions were distilled to 93 actions, which were further assessed via five international Real-Time Delphi panels (government and governance ; business and labor ; education and learning ; arts and media ; and the S&T) as to their feasibility and impact, plus comments and additional suggestions. The report gives a page of distilled intelligence for each of the actions in this 200-page report complete with graphs, charts, and figures.

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