Troisième partie du questionnaire sur les scénarios de paix au Moyen Orient

mardi 17 février 2004

On behalf of the Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University, we have the honor to invite you to participate in a study to create normative scenarios depicting how peace may be achieved in the Middle East.

Over 200 experts identified and rated 108 actions to address seven pre-conditions for peace in the Middle East during the first two rounds of questionnaires of this study. The full results for these two rounds are available in the 2003 State of the Future and have been used to create the three enclosed scenario sketches for your review. An executive summary of the first two rounds is available at

Blank spaces have been inserted throughout these draft scenarios, so that you can provide your judgments about the plausibility of each section of the scenarios and how these sections might be improved. Based on this feedback, the scenarios will be rewritten and used as the basis for interviews with opinion leaders and policy advisors on prospects for the Middle East.

Those who respond to this questionnaire will receive the report of the study’s results in a complimentary copy of the 2004 State of the Future.

Please contact us with any questions and return your responses to arrive at the AC/UNU Millennium Project by 5 March 2004. Please respond by e-mail to

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