Towards health and quality of freshwater ecosystem

Russian Vision and Framework for Actions

Tuesday 28 June 2005

Dr. Nadezhda Gaponenko from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences is the Millennium Project’s Russian Node.

The collection of three articles she gave us were prepared for the 2nd World Water Forum.

Freshwater ecosystems are of extraordinary significance for the existence of the biosphere and humankind. Furthermore water is the environment for a diversity of water inhabitants - like Fish and water organisms - that constitute an important source of proteins. The maintenance of the biological productivity and diversity is essential not only for the preservation of the “genetic code” of life on our planet, but also for the protection of human environment. Whatever new and changing evolutionary conditions, water ecosystems have not only an economic, ecological, but also an aesthetic value.

To read these articles on water, we invite you to open the three attached documents.

Attached documents