The Global Millennium Prize

Saturday 10 November 2007

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Le Prix mondial du Millénium invite les étudiants à écrire un scénario en rapport avec les 15 Enjeux globaux.
Réponse avant le 15.11.2006

The Competition invites students (age 15-19) to choose one of the AC/UNU Millennium Project’s 15 Global Challenges and to research and write an essay (scenario) on how they think one of the Global Challenges could be addressed between now and the year 2015. The 15 Global Challenges cover issues and opportunities in sustainable development, water, population & resources, democratization, long-term policymaking, information technology, the rich-poor gap, health, decision making, peace & conflict, changing roles of women, transnational crime, energy, innovations in science & technology, and global ethics. For a brief overview of the 15 Global Challenges

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