Taming wild cards and identifying weak signals affecting the European Research Area

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

iKNOW is a new project launched by the European Commission. It
aims to advance knowledge and tools related to events and trends
potentially shaping - and shaking - the future of science, technology
and innovation (STI). The project is funded by the Directorate General
for Research, as part of its Blue Sky initiatives,which are designed to
create more proactive European research policy that will be
capable of anticipating emerging issues, wild cards and weak signals (WI-WE).

In the iKNOW newsletter of september 2009, Dr. Olivier Da Costa speaks about the Millennium Project WI-WE approch and says :

I have read many foresight studies but I am often disappointed. Overall I think that the Millennium Project in the "State of the Future"is doing the best job in providing a complete overview, even if I find it often overly optimistic in its belief that humanity can react quickly and efficiently.

To read the article, download the newsletter :