TEDxIDB Latin America and the Caribbean : 2015 and Beyond

vendredi 15 avril 2011

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Latin America and the Caribbean : 2015 and Beyond

Date : 05 May 2011

Time : 3:00 PM

Location : Washington, D.C. , United States

Venue : IDB Auditorium/EVICC

The inaugural TEDxIDB with the theme Latin America and the Caribbean:2015 and Beyond showcases six IDB Staff in a series of short talks and videos dedicated to the spirit of the IDB’s mission to promote sustainable development through economic growth and social equity. TEDxIDB is a production of the IDB Staff Association and is designed to ignite the sense of purpose, passion, and self-directed inquiry that led staff to the practice of development as their body of work. TEDxIDB is designed to reflect the unique spirit of technical excellence and diversity at the IDB. Through several distinctive presentations, this event will demonstrate the truth that has united IDB staff throughout the history of the Bank, which is that all people have the right to development. The event which also features world reknown futurist Jerome Glenn in a presentation on the STATE OF THE FUTURE, is hosted by Claire Nelson, thought leader on integral development futures, former Vice President of the Staff Association and winner of the 2010 Antonio Ortiz Mena Award.

The 100 minute event provides the audience an intimate glimpse into the future of Latin America and the Caribbean, and demonstrates some of the ways we are connected through what we are most passionate about.

Please note : This event is not open to the public.


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