Raphaële Bidault-Waddington

mardi 10 mars 2015

Production of ideas and mental structures from their most primitive shape (abstract pencil drawing) to sophisticated reasonnings (Graphs and Art Documents) serving as preparatory work for the other labs, as potential scientific material, or as a source of inspiration for outside structures (companies, resarch lab, cities) and offered as consulting services :

Perspective (aesthetic audit of a moral person),

Projection (recommendation of future strategic vision),

Idea Stylism (creative solutions to a specific question),

Cathalysis (collective workshop),

Parlements (sound enquiry, recorded interview protocole).

The LIID ® may invite a member of the Intell-agent ® network to contribute to any of its projects.

Intell-agent ® is a confidential network developped by RBW and gathering rare experimental talents in various field (art, litterature, landscape design, photography, music, graphic design, etc.).

Documents joints

Documents joints

  • Ombre01.jpg (JPEG – 248.1 ko)

    Ombre et trajectoires, un chemin vers des futurs possibles

  • Ombre02.jpg (JPEG – 167.2 ko)


  • Ombre03.jpg (JPEG – 253.9 ko)

    Ombre et trajectoire

  • Ombre04.jpg (JPEG – 269 ko)

    Rencontre possible