Patterns of Potential Human Progress (PPHP)

lundi 29 septembre 2008

The first PPHP volume will be published in October of 2008 by both Paradigm Publishers and Oxford University Press India. The finished volume will also be published on the University of Denver, International Futures website.

The series will explore prospects for human development – how human development appears to be unfolding globally and locally, how we would like it to evolve, and how better to assure that we move it in desired directions. It was funded by Frederick S. Pardee and is a part of the Pardee Center for International Futures.

Each volume will be global, long-term, and integrated in perspective across a wide range of human development systems (i.e., demographic, economic, energy, agricultural, environmental, and socio-political systems). The first volume will focus on poverty reduction, recognized in the Millennium Development Goals to be the foundational human development goal. The next will look at the future of global education and the third will turn to prospects for global health.

To download the book :