Participate to the Global Millenium Prize 2007

samedi 2 septembre 2006

This contest has been created by the MILLENNIUM PROJECT NODES to :

- Stimulate your creativity
- Foster your reading and writing about global issues
- Invite you to think about the future and to contribute with your ideas to improve the future of humanity around the world.

How would you do it ? What is your proposal ? What are your ideas ?

r e a d... r e s e a r c h... i n t e r v i e w...

give your opinion...w r i t e

about the future

Who can participate : all teenagers from high schools and technical schools.

Start : September 15 , 2006
End : November 15, 2006
Report Submission : Online (by internet)
Award ceremony : March 2007
Chapultepec Castle
México City

To participate to the Global Millenium Prize,
send up your work, read and follow the instructions :