Millennium Project : Australasian Node

Thursday 8 June 2006

The Node auspice is the Futures Foundation, which is a centre for learning about the future.

The Futures Foundation is an Australian-based not-for-profit organisation, focusing on the Australasian region and structured as a company limited by guarantee. It is values based and its intent is to consistently demonstrate its values in the course of its work, at the crossroads of management and futures studies.

It has two primary objectives:
1. To promote the discipline of futures studies as a unique management tool

2. To provide a forum for members and managers to engage with critically important emerging issues.

Australia’s top futurists are members of the Foundation’s professional advisory board, and the group includes, and has access to, some of the most challenging thinkers of our times.

Contact persons at The Futures Foundation : Charles Brass and Jan Lee-Martin
The Futures Foundation
phone:1300 727328 (International 61 3 9459 0244)
fax: 61 3 9459 0344
PO Box 122
Fairfield 3078
Victoria, Australia

Australasian Node Chair: Dr. Paul Wildman
Node Contact Address:
Dr. Paul Wildman
Ph +61 7 32667570
PO73 Northgate 4013
Brisbane, Australia

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