Luxury in all its states

Saturday 21 May 2005

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The luxury is eternal since it falls under the long human search of happiness. But it evolves/moves as the man evolves/moves and like the man, it has a very good resistance... And by doing this, the luxury continued during thirty last years like a social and economic component of our world. In this period - hinge - it was thus necessary to wonder about the evolution of the Luxe phenomenon during the next decade.

Which will be the luxury in 2010?
The scientific work of futurology which gave the idea of this work and underlay its drafting shows that the luxury "thought unique"est dying under the blows of paring-iron iconoclastes of the younger generations. With the paddle of XXIe century, the Luxury "in all its states" prepares us a plural luxury, patchwork, with the chart, to measure. It is "Each one its Luxury",...

Saphia Richou is consulting Prospective and Strategy of the organizations. Its professional experience passes by the group of press Marie Claire, Médecins Without Borders, ACAM Communication and Samu Social of Paris.

Michel Lombard is Chairman and managing Director of the Puiforcat company. It has a long practice of the trades of the luxury after having occupied of the posts of leader in the groups St Dupont, Cerruti and Hermès.

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