Luis Abdon Lira Cossio - Chile Node

jeudi 5 mars 2015

Mr. Luis Abdon Lira Cossio is a professor majored in Faculty of Architecture & Planning and Geography at University of Chile, he is currently working as a Senior Researcher at the Center for Public Policy in the Region of Tarapacá who has recently took in charge as chair of the The Millennium Project – Chile Node.

Before Mr. Luis Abdon Lira Cossio became the chair of The Millennium Project – Chile Node, he was working on a consulting project called “Diagnosis, Baseline and Scenarios for a national policy of regional development in Chile”, and after that, he was involved in a proposal which concerned ECLAM (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean). In both projects he worked with the tools of Michel Godet (Honorary Vice-president - Professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Industries - Holder of the Chair of Strategic prospective and author of many books and papers which have been translated into English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) and the help of The Millennium Project. 
As the chair of The Millennium Project- Chile node, Mr. Luis Abdon Lira Cossio has already have a lot of ideas for his work, and the first one is State of the Future 2015-2016 for Chile. Now Mr. Luis Abdon Lira Cossio and his team are trying to create consciousness to be a future oriented country combining technological with social foresight.

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