Jack Gottsman - Silicon Valley Node

jeudi 31 décembre 2015

Chair of the World Futures Society Conference (held in San Francisco in 2015) and chairman of the Millennium Project Silicon Valley in expanding the awareness of futurists worldwide that focuses on the applications of new technologies to solving human problems.

The members of the Millennium Project Silicon Valey have their own interest and employer and some clusters of interests include human augmentation technologies, education, alternative energy technologies, and technologies for sustainable agricultural production. They employ various processes or methods includind Business Futures Network, Clarity Group, NextNow, Singularity University and so forth.

One of our mission is to ensure that all The Millennium Project nodes have a realistic view of future technologies, at least from the Silicon Valley view. Their recent activities include the investigation of the use of alternative ’learner-focused’ educational technologies to enable students to learn the information they need to improve their economic opportunities, without relying on ’teacher-focused’ systems ; the use of information-gathering technologies California farmers use to save resources and to acheive sustainale acricultural production ; the use of 3-dimensional printing technologies to improve the economic status of artists and workers in developing economies. The Silicon Valley Node recognizes the value in global networking to augment human knowledge and to solve common problems.

The Millennium Project Silicon Valley is open to new members, who can gain support from the various existing members for their own projects.

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