IST at the service of a changing Europe by 2020 - 16 & 17 Juin, Sevilla

Conférence internationale - Appel à contributions

vendredi 18 mars 2005

Foresight on Information Society Technologies in the European Research Area (FISTERA) is a network which aims to provide new elements for the definition of a European vision for IST and a better understanding of the key factors driving IST in a future Europe. One of its main objectives is to elaborate options on how to strengthen Europe’s position in crucial IST areas.

On behalf of the FISTERA network, the Institute for Prospective and Technological Studies (a research institute of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre) is organizing an International Conference on « Information Society Technologies at the Service of a Changing Europe by 2020 : Learning from Worlds Views » in order to investigate options for Europe in a globalised society.

The IPTS would like to ask you whether you would be interested in attending this important networking event and, if so, to contribute a short paper (2 pages) on your views on any of the topics below. On the basis of replies received, the IPTS will invite a maximum of 120 people.

Three themes :

- IST Visions and Foresight
How far has Europe progressed towards the Information Society ? Is it really moving towards a Knowledge Society ? What are the visions for Europe’s future ? How will IST contribute ?

- Technology Prospective
What are the general ICT trends ? What emerging technologies can be identified ? Where will the next paradigm shifts occur ? What technologies will be needed to support industrial change ? What type of applications will European citizens demand ?

- IST Policies and Strategies Around the World
What are the successful national IST strategies around the world ? How can Europe learn from these ? How can Europe improve its competitive edge whilst maintaining cultural diversity and national specificities ? What are the prospects of the European Knowledge-based Society in a globalised world ?

If you would be interested in attending, please submit your contribution of 1.000 words by 15th April 2005 to :