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lundi 13 avril 2015

Currently, Francisco José Mojica is Director of the "Doctorate in Administration" and "Master of Strategic Thinking and Prospective" of the Externado University of Colombia.
During his career, he also performs expert missions to the United Nations, about the UNIDO project for Latin America in Caracas, Venezuela.
He has a PhD Humanities at the University of Paris V "René Descartes". Sciences Master of Education at the same University and Bachelors of Arts degree at the University of Franche Counted (Besançon).
He have sixty strategic prospective studies to one’s credit. He has worked with companies, public and private organizations and territories.

Below, several of its thematic studies :
- Region Boyacá 2032
- Pereira 2032
- Neiva 2032
- The Shipyard "Cotecmar" 2032
- The National University (home of Medellin) and sectors of the economy such as : publishing industry, dairy products, apparel industry, hospitality and plastic packaging.

International projects :
- Johnson & Johnson of Colombia and Venezuela
- Frozen "La Huerta" in Aguascalientes (Mexico)
- Tilapia chain with CIAD (Center for Research in Food and Development) in Mazatlan
- The Ecole Polytechnique and the Military Engineering of Ecuador in Quito.
- The chain of stores "Éxito" with the "Groupe Casino" in Saint Etienne in France
- "Comprehensive facts future holders" with "Centra Technology Inc." Virginia, United States.
Secondary sources are the testimonies and analysis that make a group of people in whose hands lies the fate of the institution.

Publications about the subject of the futur / prospecting :
"Strategic planning elements for higher education." Editions of ICFES, Bogotá, 1992
"Prospective. Techniques to visualize the future. "Legis editions, Bogotá, 1995
"Building the Future". Editions of the Externado University of Colombia, Bogotá, 2005

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