Dr. Alper Alson - Turkey Node

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Dr. Alper Alsan is an industrial engineer in foresight studies who is currently working at SIEMENS as Project Manager, sector CFO – executive relations and finance transformation, at meanwhile he has also been working with The Millennium Project for 10 years.

Dr. Alper Alsan joined The Millennium Project through a WFS meeting where he heard about The Millennium Project and ESP for the first time. The subject “State of the Future Index” had inspired him to develop SOFI for Turkey, to jump-start a fact-oriented discussion about the future of the country.
According to his experience, we know that in general it takes about 18 months or plus for a project from the preparation to the realization. And The Millennium Project has a long-term oriented approach with an immediate assessment of today which is not the case for many projects/jobs where you have at most medium-term focus.
Within the time working with The Millennium Project, Dr. Alper Alsan has witnessed more and more young people from high-school who self-motived to join the project in Turkey, they have started a “Futures Competition” with The Millennium Project goals as background. SOFI Turkey became a discussion topic in future discussions.

“Join a global network to take the mankind to the next step in the future !” —Dr. Alper Alsan

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