Creating Futures

Saturday 21 May 2005

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Preface by Joseph F. Coates

Do we want the world to change with us or without us ? The answer appears obvious to most managers, planners and entrepreneurs who want to know:

- How to anticipate change;
- How to avoid foecasting errors;
- How to get rid of clichés and conventional thinking;
- How make sense of the various concepts used in futures thinking, scenario building and strategic planning

Creating Futures sends readers a positive message: the future remains open and, as yet, unwritten. lt?is up to us to think and work together for tomorrow. The human factor our desire to create and our capacity to innovate ? remains essential to any commercial or social projecL. Although history may not repeat itself, human behavior does reveal certain patterns. We need to consider the past to prepare the future.

This book provides powerful tools for business and political leaders facing uncertainty. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when we have an arsenal of ell`ective futures?thinking techniques, from workshops to scenario building software, that enhance the collective process

The author, Professor Michel Godet, was the chair of "strategic prospective" at the Cnam (National Conservatory for Arts and Industries) in Paris. He is also author of lot of books and wrote than 200 papers of which many have been translated into English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In 1987, "Scenarios and Strategic Management " (Butterworth) was prefaced by Igor Ansoff. In 2001, "Creating Futures" is prefaced by Joseph F.Coates.

ISBN 2-7178-4189-X