2018 Most Signifiant Futures Work : The State of the Future 19.0

by Jerome Glenn & Elizabeth Florescu

mardi 16 octobre 2018

The State of the Future 19.0 won a 2018 Association of Professional Futurists (APF) Most Significant Futures Work award in the "Category 2 Analysis of the Significant Future issue".

All the nodes of the Millennium Project are delighted to see that the outstanding work of the Millennium Project has been recognized for so long.

Many world leaders had already confirmed the quality of the report on the state of the future of Millennium 19.0 :

An important example of using scientific methods and collective intelligence to help us understand and act better for the future.
Phil Mjwara, Director General, Ministry of Science & Technology, South Africa

Outstanding report !
Jim Spohrer, Director, Cognitive Opentech Group, IBM

A high level, reliable intellectual compass for the conflict ridden, and uncertain world advancing toward the mid-century.
Mihály Simai, former Chairman, United Nations University

One of the best studies of modern terrorism and what to do about it.
Jamie Shea, Deputy Asst. Secretary General, NATO

Strategic planning for the planet ; must reading for world leaders.
William Halal, President, TechCast Global

The indispensable guide for futurists and aspiring global citizens everywhere
Hazel Henderson, Futurist, author, CEO, Ethical Markets Media

Without this kind of guidance, many people would lose their way and get lost in their decision making process.
Julio Millan, President, Azteca Corporation, Mexico

The State of the Future has proved useful for better addressing our resilience objectives.
Lina Liakou, Thessaloniki Vice Mayor and Chief Resilience Officer

Great source of inspiration and focus to our organizations.
Michael Bodekaer, CEO, Learn-Technologies

The State of the Future gives invaluable insights into the future.
Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General, United Nations

Discover and download the State of The Future 19.0 for just US$29.95.at :

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